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Kavana is an independent Jewish community in Seattle.  Together we are building an innovative, model community that empowers each of us to create a meaningful Jewish life and a positive Jewish identity. Most of us are in our early 30s to early 50s, but we have older and younger cohorts as well, including a growing group of empty nesters. Some of us are parents, some aren’t; some were raised very religious, some with no Judaism at all. We have straight folks and gay folks, and families of all shapes and sizes. Interfaith couples and families are welcome.

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Meet our Rabbis

Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum

Rachel Nussbaum co-founded Kavana in 2006 and serves as its Rabbi and Executive Director. Thanks to her leadership, Kavana has received lots of recognition for its innovative approach to building Jewish community, and Rachel’s responsibilities run the gamut… from teaching and counseling, to dynamic prayer leadership, to re-working the synagogue model for the 21st century. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Rachel holds degrees from Duke University and the Jewish Theological Seminary. She has been a recipient of the Bronfman Youth Fellowship, the Wexner Graduate Fellowship, the AVI CHAI Fellowship, and the Joshua Venture Group Fellowship; more recently she helped to found the Jewish Emergent Network and serves on its executive committee. Rachel resides in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood with her husband Noam Pianko and their three children, and the whole family enjoys the outdoorsy, low-key vibe of the Pacific Northwest.

Rabbi Jay LeVine

Rabbi Jay Asher LeVine is a life-long learner and seeker of wisdom and beauty. He is married to Rabbi Laura Rumpf and together they have a 15-month-old son, Ami. Rabbi Jay grew up the son of two music teachers in Willcox, Arizona, attended college at the University of Arizona where he earned dual degrees in Finance and Judaic Studies, and then entered rabbinical seminary at Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. For the past six years, he has served as one of the rabbis at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette, CA. He has been trained in community organizing and mussar facilitation, and is currently a member of the Jewish Studio Project's Creative Facilitators Training, a Jewish art process promoting healing and belonging. 

Our Partners

While Kavana is open to all, partners have made an intentional commitment to grow and build personalized Jewish meaning in a community context. Individually and together, partners fulfill the word “kavana”, meaning “intention”, and enjoy the privilege of actively shaping new, innovative approaches to Jewish life for themselves, for one another, and beyond. 

Partnership provides opportunities to join in the Kavana community as we create multiple, joyful and meaningful expressions of Judaism. Partnership is the path within Kavana for individuals and families to participate actively, contribute to each other, and shape how Kavana grows and evolves.

As a cooperative, we hold dear the idea that the acts of participating and showing up fully are the essence of building community and creating personal meaning and growth.  Our biblical ancestors, when called to a divine task, often responded with the Hebrew word Hineni – I am here, I am present.  The partners of our Jewish Cooperative feel that same pull to respond with our full selves, to be fully present as an integral part of the community that we are continuously building together.  

With these partnership privileges also come responsibilities. Being a partner at Kavana involves commitment in two general ways:  engagement and finances. Kavana partners: 1) examine their own Jewish goals, show up regularly and are active in the cooperative, and 2) make a personally meaningful financial contribution.

Engagement Commitment
The more deeply partners engage, the more deeply partners – and the community - benefit. We encourage all partners to commit to their own personal growth and learning, examining their Jewish goals annually and proactively creating a personally meaningful Jewish experience and positive Jewish identity.  
We also ask that partners aspire to participate in some way with the Kavana community at least once a month. This commitment represents an average level of engagement; every individual’s contributions will wax and wane with other life commitments.    

Similar to the star logo of Kavana, partners have many points of entry to engagement. As a cooperative, Kavana’s activities rest on the creativity, innovation and sweat-equity of its partners. Thus, possibilities are varied and ever-changing, and partners are invited to consider their personal growth, talents and interests as they consider the many ways to engage in Kavana.

Service/Volunteering:  Provide event support, help in the office, use your special talents (photography, carpentry, legal, IT, insurance, real estate, writing, etc.).
Leadership:  Organize an event, lead a portion of an activity, start a new affinity group
Social Justice: Create, organize and/or attend social justice events such as delivering JFS food baskets, refugee events, park/forest clean-up, lobbying and marches.
Learning and Education:  Grow and learn by helping to organize and attend educational programs – youth programs, Living Room Learning, book club, seminars, meditation
Religion and Spirituality:  Attend services; provide music to or help lead services or life cycle event; sit Shiva
Community Building:  Serve as a parent connector for a youth program, participate in the caring committee, organize or attend a neighborhood picnic, host a Shabbat dinner or potluck   All people at Kavana can contribute in a way that best suits their special talents and desires at whatever moment and age they are in their lives.    

Financial Commitment
Partner financial contributions are essential to overall day-to-day operations.  The average real cost of operating Kavana is currently around $3,500/ household / year which does not include programming fees. As a cooperative, it is our hope that the financial contribution of each partner household is as close to the average operating cost as possible.
No person, however, will be turned away from Kavana, based on the amount of their financial contribution.  We hope that everyone will make a meaningful stretch, but if the average cost is not feasible, we recommend an amount of 1 – 2% of your annual household income.   Of course, we hope those that can contribute a greater amount do so to help us maintain the necessary revenue for ongoing operations, continued growth and the innovative programming we all value.

Our Staff at Kavana

Liz Thompson
Director of Operations
Liz is proud to serve as Kavana's Director of Operations. She joined Kavana’s staff in 2010, bringing a background in human development, a certificate in nonprofit management, work experience from the arts and culture world, and personal warmth to bear as she took on the management of Kavana's day-to-day operations and the high-level administration of our organization. Liz has a passion for building authentic community, and this shines through in the work she's done to create and professionalize organizational systems that are people-centered and relationship-based. She jokingly calls herself “an accidental Jewish professional”; although Liz isn’t Jewish herself, after all these years, Kavana has become her community too! She resides on Bainbridge Island -- a short ferry ride away from Kavana's Seattle office -- with her husband and two active boys, and enjoys beach-combing year-round.

Rachel Osias
Director of Education
Rachel Osias acts as Kavana’s Director of Education. Born and raised in the long-grassed, oak-covered hills of California's San Francisco East Bay area, Rachel grew up playing and learning in the hidden worlds of local parks and neighborhoods. Rachel's professional and educational background has been an intentional interweaving of environmental sciences, educational equity, social and environmental justice, and experiential education. She holds a B.S. in Environmental Science, Technology, and Policy, a K-5th grade Teaching Credential, and a Master’s Degree in Urban Environmental Education. Rachel is passionate about communities in which teaching, learning and the pursuit of educational equity are derived from challenging systemic norms and embracing the identities, experiences and stories of all individuals.

Avital Krifcher
Director of Community Engagement
Avital Krifcher is passionate about community building, network weaving, and relational engagement. She has spent the past four years in New York studying why communities are built and how they thrive at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. She has put her studies to the test while creating and leading communities of her own, and is thrilled to bring her knowledge and experience to The Kavana Cooperative. When she's not studying community building in a Jewish setting, she is exploring it through movement, vegan junk food and post-apocalyptic media.

Our Educators

Kavana's team of educators come from a wide array of backgrounds, which provides our students with an authentic learning environment. You can find bios of all of our fantastic educators by clicking on the program pages.

Our Board Members

Dana Bettinger, President
Seeking a contemporary Judaism that included reflection, discussion, and personal engagement, Dana found Kavana in 2010 and became a partner in December of that year. She was an early host for Kavana's home hospitality program, and still enjoys any excuse to gather in community, especially around food. Dana is a past co-chair of the Communications Committee and has continued to be involved in conversations around how we communicate our information and values. During the first part of her professional life, she worked as an architect in NYC and Seattle, and then spent twelve years teaching an array of fine arts courses as a full-time faculty member at University Prep. She also taught as an adjunct instructor with Seattle University's Master in Teaching program, working for six years with pre-service graduate students. Dana holds a B. Arch from Pratt Institute, an M. Arch from Yale University, and an MIT from Seattle University. She believes the point of our time here on earth is to live a life of purpose, connection, and empathy. She lives in Phinney Ridge with her husband, John Jacobs, and their young daughter.

Sharon London, Past President
Sharon found Kavana in 2008 when looking for a place to celebrate Purim with her two kids. The cooperative spirit, excellent children’s programming and strong community have kept her actively involved. She served on the original Mission, Vision and Values committee in 2009, and consulted as Kavana’s Strategic Planning Adviser for both the 2015 and 2020 Strategic Plan. Sharon has spent most of her career in the environmental arena and currently works as the  Development Director for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Investments & Partnerships. She lived and worked for 4.5 years in SE Asia, both as a Peace Corps volunteer and for the World Wildlife Fund. She has a B.A. in Geography from UC Berkeley, and an MS in Geography from Oregon State. Sharon lives in Maple Leaf with her two kids, Frieda and Rowan, her partner Brian, 2 cats and 7 chickens. Sharon loves to dance, bike, read and spend time with her family.  

Steven Lewis, Vice President
Steve is from the Seattle area and attended Garfield High School, Whitman College and the Evans School of Public Affairs at the UW.  He and his wife discovered Kavana in their search for a community that was a good fit for their energetic young family that was searching for a catalyst for their own self-discovery about their own faith and traditions.  Steve is currently on hiatus from his role as a non-profit Executive Director to pursue volunteer travel in Saipan with his family. He is father of two (son, Noah, 10, Anya, 12) and husband to Sarah Bergman Lewis, a pediatrician at Children's Hospital.  Steve is also an avid kayaker, aspiring off-hours marine zoologist and is training for an Olympic triathlon.

John Policar, Past President
Family programming like Prep & Practice and Shabbat in the Park drew John and his family to Kavana in the beginning and since then they have come to appreciate and enjoy the community involvement and the different ways Kavana promotes Jewish engagement.  John lives in Ballard with his wife and two girls and together they enjoy hiking and camping in the Summer and skiing in the Winter.  John grew up in Bellevue and is an owner at Sprague Israel Giles insurance in Downtown Seattle.

David Sabban, Treasurer
David has been a partner with Kavana for about 10 years but has been involved since its inception. He grew up in Southern California in a liberal but very Jewishly identified family: Hebrew school, Reform Bar Mitzvah, Jewish summer camp and even living in Israel for a year of high school. After college, David moved to Seattle and worked in the Jewish community for years before moving to the private sector. He spent much of his 20s & 30s building his own Jewish community informally. After having kids (Justine, now 13 & Nathaniel, now 9), David and his wife, Sharon, felt compelled to plug back into a more structured Jewish community. Jewishness is infused into every part of their family's backdrop and is not based on prayer as much as on cultural identity, ideals, practices and rituals. They celebrate family Shabbat most weeks and talk about the holidays regularly - especially about Jewish culture and how it fits into their secularly-based lives. David loves Kavana’s range of activities and how they appeal to such a broad swath of the community. One doesn’t have to be a liberal Jew in practice to be comfortable at Kavana, but has to respect the practices of others. That range and respect is what has kept him so connected to this community.

Marni Klein,
Marni discovered Kavana in 2008 when the guy she was dating invited her to a Wednesday night Living Room Learning. Both relationships blossomed, one into a marriage and the other into a Kavana partner household in 2010. As their family grew, they became active participants in Kavana’s family programming, enjoying Shabbat in the Park, Prep & Practice, Kids Club (Moadon) and Havdalah Club. Marni, her husband Dan and two boys live in Northeast Seattle. An aerospace engineering graduate of the University of Michigan and Georgia Tech, her work as an engineer brought her to the Pacific Northwest.  In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and ultimate frisbee as well as family activities including hiking, swimming and visiting state capitols.

Betsy Rosenman
Betsy is married to Kavana partner Stephen Rosenman. Together, they have three adult children. She is delighted to have found a spiritual home that is inclusive, provocative and fun. Betsy represents people seeking political asylum in legal proceedings, writes about immigration and tutors refugees. For some strange reason, she adores ponies and horses.

Chuck Cowan
Chuck and his wife Ronnie Levitt are relative newcomers to the Kavana family. They’ve been partners for only 3 years but have felt a connection to the Kavana community for some years prior to becoming partners. Chuck is a retired pediatrician,  and was a specialist in children’s developmental problems and autism at Seattle Children’s. Chuck and Ronnie have two grown children. Chuck has also had the privilege of workingon a number of non-profit boards and looks forward to bringing this experience to Kavana. He and Ronnie have been especially excited about all their new friends from the “Second Stage”group that prior board member Diane Hostetler helped organize and are looking forward to using that experience to help Kavana expand its community to include more “Second Stagers”.

Callista Chen
Callista has been an active member of the Kavana community since 2015, when she and her family moved to Seattle from southern Africa. She loves the diversity of our community and that it truly welcomes Jews of color and interfaith families. She also appreciates how much the programs and focus of Kavana are driven by the needs and interests of community members, in partnership with the Kavana staff.  Before joining the Board, Callista co-chaired the Communications Committee. Professionally, Callista is the Senior Director of Programs at Reboot Representation, a coalition of major tech companies working to support Black, Latina, and Native American women in computing.  Her professional experience includes roles in nonprofit leadership, international development, and management consulting. Callista holds a BA from Stanford University in Human Biology, as well as an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.  She is an active community volunteer and served as the President of the Beacon Hill International School Parent Teacher Association for the last two years, where she led a successful effort to raise funds to be distributed equitably across a coalition of Title-1 public schools in South and West Seattle during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Callista lives in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle with her husband Peter, their kids, Aviva and Franklin, and their adorably small cat, Mao.

Ingrid Elliott
My family has been part of Kavana since its founding in 2006. I am not Jewish, but raising our children as Jews was important to my husband, who grew up in a conservative shul on the Upper East Side in NYC. We had a Jewish wedding, and began looking for a Jewish community where we could raise our children. Kavana felt like the only place for us in Seattle: a community where we could fully participate without attending prayer services, where I was accepted and not asked to convert, where we found like-minded folks who wanted to thoughtfully engage with Judaism and where there were lots of secular options for doing so. We did family education programs like Prep-and-Practice, Havdalah Club, the Middle School Program, and alternative bar mitzvahs; I’ve been involved in Social Justice work and Jewish meditation; one of our boys even got us to go to Friday night services for a while because he loves to sing. I love Kavana for the warm community and dynamic people I’ve met, and the opportunities to learn with Rabbi Rachel. I’m pleased my kids have been inspired to explore their own relationship to Judaism: one as a Bronfman fellow and the other as a choreographer. After twenty-plus years of candle-lit friday nights, back-deck sukkahs, and raucous seders, and fifteen-years of learning with Kavana, my life feels Jewish.

Matt Offenbacher
Matt loves Kavana’s open-minded, creative, cooperative and welcoming energy, and eagerly seeks opportunities to push us all to do even better. He has been an independent visual artist and teacher for more than twenty-five years, the past fifteen of them in Seattle. He runs a press which publishes ‘zines and books by Northwest artists. He has had projects at the Henry Art Gallery and the Seattle Art Museum (among many other places), and has taught at Seattle University and the University of Washington. A few years ago, Matt built a giant fish belly which was a meditation on the book of Jonah, a percussion instrument, and a pavilion for poetry reading, Torah study, music and dance. Recently, he choreographed a dance performance about classicism, classic rock and white men’s feelings. Matt’s work has been called “freakishly egoless”, vulnerable, funny and queer. He and his partner Jennifer live on Capitol Hill where they try to get everywhere by bicycle.