Support Kavana


At Kavana our partners are responsible for building our community. In fact, the ability to take part in creating joyful, meaningful jewish experiences for ourselves and others is why many of our partners join the cooperative.


Kavana relies on the generosity of people who believe in our vision of creating a welcoming and diverse community cooperative encouraging personal Judaism. To make a tax­-deductible contribution to Kavana, please fill out the secure form below.  Or, you're always welcome to mail a check to us at: The Kavana Cooperative P.O. Box 19666 Seattle, WA  98109

In addition, Kavana is set up to receive gifts of stock and/or corporate matches from many companies. If you are interested in donating to Kavana in one of these ways, please contact us — we're glad to help you set this into motion and always grateful for the extra support!

Get Involved

From envisioning an event to cleaning up afterward, just about everything at Kavana is done by participants, both partners and non-­partners. And for most, being involved enriches the experience. Volunteering is also a great way to figure out whether you might want to join Kavana, as you would be pitching in regularly as a partner. Here are some ways you can volunteer: ● Set up or clear up after an event ● Pick up refreshments or supplies ● Read from the Torah or give a dvar Torah ● Help to plan a Kavana program or event ● Host a Kavana event in your home ● Provide pro bono professional services (accounting, legal, janitorial, writing/editing, handyman/woman, event/party planning etc.)

To learn more about how you can contribute time and energy, please contact us.

Become a Partner

Join Kavana and help us create a new model of Jewish expression. While Kavana is open to all, partners get to be on the ground floor of shaping a new and innovative approach to Jewish life. But while partnership has its privileges, it also has its responsibilities. Kavana partners help build our community by showing up regularly, taking on a specific volunteer role, and making an annual financial contribution. Interested? Come check us out: Attend a few events, talk to people and see what we're about. 

If you feel that Kavana is for you and want to become a partner, email us to get a copy of our partner intake form and schedule a meeting with Rabbi Rachel.