Art Makerspace

Join Laurie Reed, Stacy Lawson and Rabbi Jay LeVine for our next Kavana Art MakerSpace session on Sunday, May 29 from 4-6pm in Queen Anne. This Jewish learning and art making will be inspired by the counting of the Omer and Marc Chagall's illustrations of Exodus.
Vote Forward Letter Writing Campaign
Let’s come together and do our best to make sure people register and vote in the November Election.

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Putting Pen To Paper

Our Rabbis' Letters To The Community


What is Kavana?

a welcoming & diverse community cooperative encouraging personal judaism

Kavana is an independent Jewish community in Seattle. Together we are building an innovative, model community that empowers each of us to create a meaningful Jewish life and a positive Jewish identity.

Cooperative Model

As the first Jewish cooperative of its kind, partners share in the task of creating Jewish life for the group.


Kavana draws participants from diverse backgrounds and provides for multiple entry points to Jewish involvement.


Kavana believes that Jewish communal life best thrives in settings which are local, organic, and intimate.

What's happening at Kavana