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Thursday, June 2, 2022
Like all Kavana programs, this event is powered by partners, staff and participants.
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Hello Kavana friends,

As you all well know, we are at a critical juncture for our democracy. It is vital for the planet, social institutions and the safety of our Jewish people that we all do what we can to secure our rights to fair elections and civil society for all people in this country. One way we can do that is to encourage people to vote. Many of you came together during the last election cycle to write non-partisan letters to infrequent voters in key battle ground states with the Vote Forward project. It’s time to lift our pens and write again!

Several Kavana members have agreed to host letter writing sessions via Zoom or in person, in homes or coffee shops in different neighborhoods. We welcome new and veteran writers who know how important it is to reach out and urge every person to lift their voice!

Please visit to learn more and register, or check/update your account information!  For those new to VoteForward, know that they make it very easy for us by giving us a template and a list of registered voters.  We only need to add the name of the recipient, one sentence about why we vote, and sign our first name.  Then put in in the envelope and add a stamp. They have streamlined the letters and process towards one big mailing date in late October.

You can write the letters anytime that works for you - while watching the Mariners, sun-bathing, waiting for Verizon to pick up….OR you can join one of the scheduled writing sessions below where we chat, listen to music, and  have a sense of community with a designated time to devote to letter writing.  The dates will be on Zoom and in person when possible in certain neighborhoods.  You’ll get links as it gets closer.  Each session is an hour.

Let’s come together and do our best to make sure people register and vote in the November Election.  Our community was very prolific in 2020 having sent 5,000 letters around the country.  Research has shown it had an impact.  

This year our goal is to double our efforts to send out 10,000 letters in this absolutely vital 2022 election.  Let’s do it!!!

With optimism and gratitude,
Kavana partners Robin Schachter and Judy Elkin

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