Moadon Yeladim

Please check back in July for program registration for the 2019-2020 school year

Moadon Yeladim (Kids Club) is Kavana's afterschool program for kids in grades K-5.  This is a once-a-week "fun educational" after-school program.  Our aim is to provide significant exposure to Hebrew and Judaics and give elementary school children a deeper sense of Jewish community and identity.

Moadon Yeladim is not only an informal, summer-camp-like environment; nor is it exclusively an "academic" after-school program.  This unique program blends learning and community building in a "Kids' Club" format, where children engage in content designed specifically to help foster a sense of belonging and build Jewish identity.  The afternoon is structured to allow children the opportunity to play together, eat a snack together (provided by Kavana), and learn through games, stories, the arts, and discussion.

Program Logistics: Moadon Yeladim will start the week of October 8th. You will have the option to register your child either for the Monday group or the Wednesday group. The Monday group will run from 4-6pm, with drop off starting at 3:30pm, and the Wednesday group will run from 2-4pm, with drop off starting at 1:30pm. This program is held in the Queen Anne neighborhood.

There are two primary curricular threads: Hebrew and Judaics.  

Hebrew Literacy:  Children will be exposed to reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Hebrew.  While the sophistication of content will vary with the child's age and experience with the language, all students will engage in Hebrew activities on each day of the program.

Jewish Figures:  Children will engage in multi-week units around different Jewish figures throughout time.  Within each unit, children will hear stories about the figure, discuss values and traditions associated with those stories, be taught history and songs, and reflect on how all of this contributes to our Jewish identity and practice today.

Program Staff

Danielle Blume
Moadon Yeladim Educator, Gan Support Staff

Danielle is excited to continue working with the students of Kavana's Moadon Yeladim and Gan programs this year -- based on her teaching in both programs, there are many Kavana kids who have known Danielle for the majority of their lives!. A Seattle native, Danielle is fluent in Hebrew and enjoys working with children in these small group settings.

Roxanna Sikavi
Moadon Yeladim Educator

Roxanna joined Kavana's teaching team in the fall of 2017. She grew up in Seward Park and has the illustrious distinction of having been named the Counselor of the Year at Sephardic Adventure Camp. She brings her curiosity, playful energy, love of kids and flair for drama to the Moadon community!

Brit Shlessinger
Gan & Moadon Yeladim Educator

Brit is a long-time member of Kavana's teaching staff, having worked in the Gan, Sippurim v'Otiyot, and Moadon Yeladim programs over the past eight years. She grew up in California, and is Kavana's artist-in-residnce (so if you see beautiful bulletin board art or puppet show sets around here, we probably have Brit to thank!). Brit brings an awesome skill-set to our Gan and Moadon teams: a love of kids of all ages, fluent Hebrew language skills, a deep interest in ancient history, religion and cultures, and lots of positive energy and smiles. We're thrilled to have her back from her recent world travels!

Cara Abrams-Simonton
Director of Education

Cara believes that positive Jewish identity development is rooted in meaningful and joyful Jewish learning.  Her Jewish journey began at an after-school synagogue program in Eugene, Oregon where she was born and raised.  Filled with curioisty Cara continued to explore Judaism as a teen and young adult, eventually completing a Bachelors of Arts in Judaic Studies at Brandeis University.  In addition to her commitment to Jewish learning, Cara is deeply passionate about engaging the whole child and learned a great deal from her work in non-Jewish settings including a Boys & Girls Club and a Waldorf-inspired charter school.  After many years working in a range of informal educational settings, Cara decided to pursue a Masters of Jewish Education from Hebrew College at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.  Since graduating in 2014 Cara has taught 4th-8th grade Judaics and Hebrew in community day schools in the San Francisco area, the New York City area and for the past two years, here in Seattle.  Cara found Kavana by way of Jewish Emergent Network partner communities, the Kitchen and Romemu. She has loved teaching in Kavana youth and family programming and is thrilled to begin her role as Director of Education.

Akiva Gebler
Moadon Yeladim Educator

Akiva moved to Seattle this summer and is super excited to meet everyone at Moadon Yeladim and the whole Kavana community! A native of Boston, he loves to talk about the Red Sox and autumn foliage. He has also spent time living in Israel, Australia, and Washington DC and loves to learn and teach about Judaism at every opportunity.

Orin Reynolds
Moadon Yeladim Educator

Orin was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN where he was heavily involved in the Jewish community from a young age. After his Bar Mitzvah, he joined the Temple choir and was the Programming Vice President of his NFTY Youth Group for 3 years. During these formative years, Orin also attended Goldman Union Camp Institute (URJ GUCI). After graduating high school, Orin attended Indiana University where he graduated with a degree in Political Science, a Minor in Music, and a certificate in Underwater Archeology. While in college, Orin was part of the award winning Jewish A cappella group Hooshir. After graduating from IU, Orin began working as the Music Director for the Jewish educational group Light of the Nations, where he was working the past 2 years before moving to Seattle. Orin is very excited to immerse himself into the Seattle Jewish Community and is elated to be part of the educational team here at Kavana!

Olga Laskin
Moadon Yeladim Educator

Olga is a senior at the University of Washington studying International Studies, with minors in Human Rights and Political Science. Having been born in Jerusalem, her Russian-Israeli heritage has always been a guiding influence in her life. In 2017, Olgahad the opportunity to return to Israel to study Hebrew language and culture at Tel Aviv University and since then, she's enjoyed expanding her Hebrew knowledge through teaching others. She was able to start a Hebrew conversational club at the UW and have spent this year teaching in various locations. Olga loves working with children to expand their Jewish cultural education and is so excited to join the Kavana community!