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Returning Summer 2022-Please Stay Tuned

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Like all Kavana programs, this event is powered by partners, staff and participants.
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Returning Summer 2022

The Living Room Learning group meets as regularly as possible on Wednesday evenings (from 7:30-9pm) to study (and examine, and discuss, and argue about) core Jewish texts.

Our group has been going strong for 10+ years -- and participants have floated in and out over time.  On a typical pre-Covid week, we'd have 8-12 people sitting around in someone's living room, learning and chatting together over tasty treats.  Everyone is welcome - you do not need to know Hebrew.  Your life experience and good sense will give you plenty of tools with which to analyze the text.  Just come with an open mind and a genuine curiosity.  And, we're happy for regular participation -- and the more you learn, the more cool connections you'll find! -- but we're also very happy to have newcomers drop in to check things out, or come every once in a while as your schedule permits.

Please email us to be added to the LRL email list to receive any updates about the plans for this year.

Program Staff

Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum
Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum
Rabbi and Executive Director

Rachel Nussbaum co-founded Kavana in 2006 and serves as its Rabbi and Executive Director. Thanks to her leadership, Kavana has received lots of recognition for its innovative approach to building Jewish community, and Rachel’s responsibilities run the gamut… from teaching and counseling, to dynamic prayer leadership, to re-working the synagogue model for the 21st century. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Rachel holds degrees from Duke University and the Jewish Theological Seminary. She has been a recipient of the Bronfman Youth Fellowship, the Wexner Graduate Fellowship, the AVI CHAI Fellowship, and the Joshua Venture Group Fellowship; more recently she helped to found the Jewish Emergent Network and serves on its executive committee. Rachel resides in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood with her husband Noam Pianko and their three children, and the whole family enjoys the outdoorsy, low-key vibe of the Pacific Northwest.