Havdalah Club

Havdalah Club is a once a month, Saturday evening program for children in grades 3, 4 and 5. Activities include:

- Eating dinner together (it's a pizza party, every time!)
- Discussions and debates around Jewish ethical questions, from the serious to the silly
- Games, art projects, etc.
- A short Havdalah ceremony to end Shabbat together

The goals of this program are: to help children develop critical thinking skills in a Jewish context, to teach kids how to grapple with life's questions and problems using Jewish texts and values, and to provide a fun environment in which to meet other Jewish kids.

Program Dates (you can click on the dates below to register for individual sessions or to sign up for the series):
- September 17
- October 15
- November 19
- December 10
- January 21
- February 25
- March 25
- April 29
- May 20
- June 3

Program Staff

Maxine Alloway
Education Coordinator

Maxine guides the big­ picture of Kavana’s educational approach, designing curriculum and working with our educators on professional development. She also leads the Havdalah Club program. Outside of her work with us, Maxine is a faculty member in the University of Washington's College of Education, working primarily with soon­-to-­be elementary school teachers.