Havdalah Club

Please check back in July for program registration for the 2019-2020 school year

Havdalah Club is a once a month, Saturday evening program for children in grades 3, 4 and 5. Activities include:

- Eating dinner together (it's a pizza party, every time!)
- Discussions and debates around Jewish ethical questions, from the serious to the silly
- Games, art projects, etc.
- A short Havdalah ceremony to end Shabbat together

Program Goals:

The goals of this program are to help children develop critical thinking skills in a Jewish context, to teach kids how to grapple with life's questions and problems using Jewish texts and values, and to provide a fun environment in which to meet other Jewish kids.

Registration Details:

We encourage folks to sign up for the series, as ongoing and consistent participation in this program really helps build a sense of community for this cohort (the series fee is significantly less than if you pay for each individual session as well!). That said, we know life is busy, so if you don't think your child will be able to attend four or more of the sessions this year, then registering for individual sessions might make more sense.

Mark your calendar for the 2018-2019 series dates:

September 29
October 27
December 1
January 12
February 2
March 9
April 6
May 4
June 8

Program Staff

Maxine Alloway
Education Coordinator

Maxine guides the big­ picture of Kavana’s educational approach, designing curriculum and working with our educators on professional development. She also leads the Havdalah Club and Prep & Practice programs. Outside of her work with us, Maxine is a faculty member in the University of Washington's College of Education, working primarily with soon­-to-­be elementary school teachers.