Gan Hebrew Immersion Preschool

Kavana's Gan offers many opportunities for children to explore Jewish traditions and customs and build a sense of Jewish identity in a fun way. Our educators have adopted a hands-on, play-based approach that encourages imagination, creativity. Each child will be provided with a lot of personalized attention and support in a nurturing and engaging environment -– we have a single classroom, with an intimate group of kids and a low student-teacher ratio (and two to three adults in the classroom at all times).  

Kavana's Gan is the only Hebrew-Immersion preschool in Seattle.  With that comes “Ruach yisraelit” – an Israeli atmosphere. It’s hard to put this into words, but it means you’ll experience the right blend of flexibility and structure, approachable teachers, project-based learning, and exposure to Israeli & Jewish music and culture.

Program Staff

Brit Shlessinger
Gan Educator

Brit is a returning member of the teaching staff for the Gan. She grew up in California and is the artist on the staff. If you see beautiful bulletin board art or puppet show sets at Kavana, thank Brit!

Yehudit Blume
Lead Gan Educator

Yehudit has been teaching in Kavana’s Gan (Hebrew Immersion Preschool) since the fall of 2010. Yehudit was born and raised in Israel, and has a teaching certificate and over twenty years of experience working with children of all ages. 

Hagar Yanay
Gan Educator

Hagar is entering her second year at Gan Kavana. Hagar was born and raised in Israel and brings over 30 years of experience working with children. Hagar has teaching certificate and taught Hebrew literature for middle and high schools in Israel. Hagar taught Hebrew in the US on Sunday schools. She loves working with younger ages and enjoyed her time with Gan Kavana.

Danielle Blume
Moadon Yeladim Educator, Gan Support Staff

Danielle is excited to continue working with the students of Kavana's Moadon Yeladim and Gan programs this year. A Seattle native, Danielle is fluent in Hebrew and enjoys working with children in these small group settings.