Book Club

The Kavana Book Club is entering its 10th year of discussing provocative Jewish fiction and non-fiction. This year we continue our exploration of some of the hottest and coolest contemporary Jewish writers. Join us every other month on Sunday mornings for our discussion.

Our current read is "Eternal Life" by Dara Horn.  It is about a woman who is forever written into 'The Book of Life". Somewhat like the movie 'Groundhog Day', Rachel finds herself back in her 18 year old body embarking on a new life after each 'death'.  She lives this way through 2,000 years to present day, and subsequently has had multiple husbands and children to show for it.

All are invited to join us for this discussion. Participants take turns hosting these gatherings, so please be sure to RSVP in order to receive location details. 

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