Adult B'nai Mitzvah

This past fall and winter, Kavana offered, for the first time, an opportunity for adults to participate in an intensive 16 week class that included both Hebrew and Judaics and culminated in a Shabbat morning B’nai Mitzvah ceremony. Knowing that there are many adult Jews who have never had the opportunity to do this kind of learning and/or never celebrate this milestone as children, we were thrilled to offer the course and even more excited to have eight incredible students participate in the final ceremony on March 24th. Congratulations to Mark McCabe, Barbara Esselstein and Laura Levy who became bar/bat mitzvah, and Tony Ramsey, Brian Berry, Tami Lentz, Ken Kamm and Atar Baer who contributed so much to the service.  

Click here to read the following speeches:
- on Birkat HaGomel
- on Parashat Tzav
- on Barchu
- on Gratitude

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