About the Kavana Cooperative

Kavana aims to build a supportive, warm, and open-minded community in Seattle in which individuals from a wide array of backgrounds can use “kavana” – intention – to create a personally meaningful Jewish life.

Our cooperative model helps achieve this vision. Each partner commits to taking an active role, to being a "producer," rather than just a "consumer," of Jewish life. 

Kavana’s innovative, high-quality programs center around Shabbat and holidays, learning, community (social events and social activism), and family.  These events take place around Queen Anne and surrounding Seattle neighborhoods – at community centers, coffee shops, parks and homes. 

From Kavana’s inception, we have been “thinking big” about how Jewish life in America should be organized, and how communities can maximize their impact on the lives of their members.  Kavana has received national recognition – from foundations and granting organizations, from Slingshot, and from Newsweek – for our creative approach to Jewish community building.

Interested to see what all the buzz is about?  Drop us a line, and we’d be happy to answer questions or welcome you at an upcoming event.